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HallowEve Designs introduced Terror Trucks in 2012 as a unique and innovative haunted walk through attraction. These immersive attractions are built inside custom fabricated trailers, are completely self contained and very simple to transport, set-up and operate. 

They can be rented for all types of EVENTS either during the Halloween season or throughout the year. HallowEve Designs also manufactures these Terror Trucks for SALE using our existing designs or we will fabricate one to you custom design.

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This is one cold blooded Terror Truck! Once you step inside our COLD STORAGE attraction to chill out you’ll soon feel the cold sweat on your body as you realize that the doors to the room you are in will not hold back the the mob of frozen zombies trying to break it down. Your only chance to escape is to first squeeze your way through our meat locker occupied by some of our previous visitors, but that is just the beginning. Step carefully on the thin ice and try not to breath in the moist smell of decay that fills the air. All of your senses will be overwhelmed and the feeling of discontent will resonate throughout your body. But before you leave you will have to endure the feeling of being alone and out in the cold. In the end, when you think you have survived, you better look down at your feet, because this attraction comes with a free toe tag. 


BURIED ALIVE is one of our most popular Terror Trucks and one of the most feared. After entering this attraction you are lead into our underground Hellavator for the ride of you afterlife. If you are afraid of the creatures that lurk underground, if you are bothered by the smell of rotting flesh and if you are afraid of being buried alive, alone and left in the dark, then the first moments of this Terror Truck will leave you looking for the exits. Only in this attraction there are no “Chicken Exits”. After you find your way out of the grave you will find yourself lost and disoriented underground. If you can fight off the the dark, damp, rancid surroundings and fight your way through the small claustrophobic corridors that seem to never end and the intense pounding resonating through your body then you might be one of the lucky ones that find their way out, but you will never forget the experience of being BURIED ALIVE!

Buried Alive.jpg

The Black Bayou Haunted Swamp is our newest Terror Truck that provides a whole new type of experience for our customers. Forget the "Shock and Awe" type of experience that our other Terror Trucks offer because once you enter the Black Bayou you will feel the difference, literally! From the sweat dripping on you from the swampy trees, to the effort trying to. move your feet on the muddy floor as you wade waist deep through the murky waters. And be careful of what lurks beneath the water, as well as, what falls from above. Your only escape is through the sewer and a cave filled with spiders. Make sure you ask for the SAFE word before entering or you might be the next creature living in this swamp. 

Terror Trucks are ideal for all kinds of private or public events. Here is just a sample of the types of events that we have rented to...

  • Universities and Colleges

  • Public schools (elementary to high school)

  • Corporations

  • Municipalities

  • Park Districts

  • Golf Clubs

  • Country Clubs

  • Private parties

  • Street Fairs

  • County & State Fairs

  • Fundraisers

  • Shopping centers

HallowEve Designs is the only company that manufactures Terror Trucks and we are the original creator of the concept of a mobile walk through haunted attraction.


Our design team can build a Terror Truck from one of our many existing designs or we can create a custom attraction based on your needs.


We can also create a mobile immersive attraction for uses other than the Haunted Attraction industry.  

Terror Trucks range in size from 20' to 44' long, with a wide range of features, options and styles. Prices range from $40,000.00 to $250,000.00*.

Please email or call us to receive more information about pricing, ROI and available territories.

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