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At HallowEve Designs we have a variety of services that we offer to a wide range of clients.


Our newest service, Studio Rentals, provides our newest customer full access to all of our props, lighting, sound and other services. We have opened up our enclose and climate controlled facility to  models, cosplayers  social media influencers, and adult industry professionals to use as a production studio for professional photography shoots. 

In our facility we have a large variety of themed and special effects lighting, shadow once screen, fog and haze machines. Of course since we are  in the Halloween industry we have a HUGE inventory of high end Professional grade studio props and decorations to create themed photo shoots. We are also currently adding Holiday and other themed props for  more seasonal photo shoot possibilities. 

Our facility has 3000 square feet of space available and can support multiple photo shoots at one time, allowing multiple users to share the space and reduce cost. The facility rental includes multiple changing rooms, bathrooms and one of our staff members available in site for assistance (female assistants available by request). 

We also have an additional Tropical Outdoor Facility available for poolside photo shoots. Both of these facilities have rental rates starting at $100 per hour. Please call us at 805-217-6887 to make your reservation and to get complete details. 

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Need the props and lights but not the studio? No Problem! 

You can rent our props and specialty lighting by the day or week too!

We also sell new lighting, special effects, fog machines, lasers and much more!

Call today to inquire 805-217-6887