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The HallowEve Designs journey began in 2001 with the simple idea to solve a problem in the haunted attraction industry, how to quickly set up and break down a structure for a haunted house. Traditionally a lot of time, labor and waste is involved with building a structure for a haunted house, only to have to tear it down and either destroy or store it. Our invention of the ScAir Structure (air filled structure) not only solved this problem but it introduced a new technology to the haunted attraction industry and help expand the industry in ways that never existed. 

ScAir Structures are versatile, affordable, expandable and adaptable. They provide professional "haunters" with time and money saving structure for their attractions and they provide opportunities for new customers to participate in the Halloween industry. A haunted house is the most desirable element or attraction that customers want during the Halloween season, it is also traditionally the hardest and most expensive challenge. With a ScAir Structure anyone can set up, operate, break down and store there haunted house at a very reasonable price. Universities, country clubs, corporations and civic organizations can purchase a ScAir Structure to use for their event. Party rental companies can purchase ScAir Structures and offer them for rent to similar clientele.  

Whether you're interested in purchasing or renting a ScAir Structure, HallowEve Designs is your solution. We are the original creators and the manufacturers of ScAir Structures.  

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A ScAir Structure measures 20' wide x 20' deep and 11' tall. They weigh approximately 300 pounds and roll up for transport or storage to about the size of a large trash can (approx. 3' wide x 4' high)

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  • Please call or email us for current retail price for a ScAir Structure.

  • Certain times during the year we have stock on hand, however if we are out of stock, we can typically manufacture a unit between 3 and 6 weeks.

  • Our ScAir Structures are made from FR rated material and written certifications are provided upon request. 

           ScAir Structure Specifications  

  • 2 doors on the front of the unit providing an entrance and exit

  • 1 door on the back wall for staff entrance/exit

  • 2 additional Velcro doors (one on each side) near the front. These can be used as additional or alternate doors or they can be used to connect multiple units together to make a larger attraction.

  • The interior layout is completely interchangeable and customizable. It is shipped with the walls attached providing a layout with 4 rooms, 2 short hallways, 1 long hallway and 1 hidden staff access hallway. 

  • All walls are attached to the floor of the unit with extra wide velcro, allowing them to be "disconnected" and rolled up into the ceiling, secured with straps that are sewn into the unit. This provides you with the ability to change any or all of the walls .

  • Velcro signs to mark the "Entry", "Exit" and "Staff" doorways

  • Removable roof for use indoors or to allow an alternate roof. 

  • Velcro framing on the front face of the unit, providing the option of attaching a mural, facade or attraction marketing. 

  • The units is equipped with hundreds of equipment straps sewn into the upper support tubes. These straps allow you to hang lighting, small speakers, props, decorations, etc...

  • All ScAir Structures are shipped with a 1HP inflation blower, ground stakes and a repair kit and a 3 year warranty.

ScAir Zone Interior.jpeg
aerial interior layout.jpeg
exterior rear.jpeg

Terms and Conditions for ScAir Structure Sales

1. DEPOSIT: A 30% deposit based on the dollar value of the entire order must be received by HED no later than 5 calendar days from invoice date; otherwise the order will not be processed, and will be canceled automatically without further notice. Deposits and final balance must be made in US funds in the form of a personal or company check, bank check, cashiers check, money order, cash, wire transfer or any of the following credit cards: Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express. A 4% processing fee will be added to all credit card orders.  Payment in full is required prior to shipping. For check payments the order will not be shipped until check has cleared. All ‘will call’ orders and orders with a CA ship to destination are subject to CA sales tax unless recipient has a valid CA Seller’s Permit. 

2. SHIPPING: Our prices are F.O.B. Los Angeles, CA. Freight is always “collect” unless indicated otherwise on the invoice. HED will not be responsible for freight charges over what may have been quoted prior to shipment. The carrier is always specified by the customer. The customer must inspect the package(s) for damage(s) before signing the Bill of Lading. Customer should refuse the shipment if there is damage on the package, or should make a note on the Delivery Receipt for further claim evaluation. Customer shall inspect the product promptly after receipt. Any and all claims for any defective product must be reported to HED in writing including photos, within five (5) working days from receipt of shipment. 

3. WARRANTY: All HED inflatables only are guaranteed to be free of defects for a period of three (3) years (for sales within the United States). Any defect in HEDs product(s) resulting from negligence, improper usage or unusual wear and tear caused by excessive usage is excluded from HED’s warranty coverage. Colors, artwork and design are subject to change without prior notice and will not be considered defects. Warranty repair work will be provided by HED at the Los Angeles plant. HED disclaims any responsibilities for modifications and repairs from an unauthorized repair plant. Shipping cost to and from HED is to be paid by the customer. All new blowers and non-HED manufactured products are warranted directly by the respective manufacturer. For blower troubleshooting or warranty, please refer to the blower manufacturer manual, which is included in the blower box. All other accessories have a thirty (30) day warranty from date of shipment. All used inflatables and blowers are sold as is, with no warranty. Except as provided in the above agreement, HED makes no other warranties on its products. 

4. COPYRIGHT: All HallowEve Designs, Inc. inflatables are covered by copyright and all rights reserved. Designs that are covered by patent pending are trademarks of HED. Any unauthorized reproduction of logos, product names, trademarks, artwork, literature, photographs, and designs is strictly prohibited, constitute copyright infringement, and is punishable by law.

5. AUTHORIZED TERRITORIES: Without HED's prior written consent, all licensed products on the invoice may only be used/rented/sold in the country that is specified on the ship to address on the invoice. Any usage, rental, or sale of licensed products to any country other than the country such licensed products have been sold and shipped to, unless with HED’s prior written consent, is a breach of this contract and may result in legal action. 

6. ACCEPTANCE: Signature by the customer and acceptance by NJI of this agreement is binding and non- cancelable unless amended upon by both parties in writing. This agreement is governed by and interpreted in accordance with the internal laws of the state of California. HED shall not be liable for any costs or loss of income resulting from any delays. HED recommends that the customer NOT book or rent out any inflatable unit until the unit has been delivered, received and accepted in good condition. 

7. CANCELLATION FEE: All sales are final unless otherwise agreed to in writing. All orders are subject to a 10% cancellation fee. Cancellation fee will be assessed on the entire purchase value. Invoice balance must be paid in full on or before the original due date. Should the balance become delinquent over 30 days from the due date, the order will be cancelled with no further notice and the 10% cancellation fee will apply. 

8. MADE TO or CUSTOM ORDERS: A 50%, non-refundable deposit is required with the order. Invoice balance must be paid in full on or before the original due date. Should the balance become delinquent over 30 days from the due date, the order will be cancelled with no further notice and the entire deposit will be forfeited. 

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